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What happens when you put a group of smart, engaged women in one room?  They come up with at least one great idea!

Flash back to March, 1904.  Tucson women dressed like Gibson girls, streets were unpaved, the lamplighter appeared every evening, and drinking water was stored in burlap-wrapped pottery jars to stay cool in the heat of summer — refrigeration did not yet exist.

In this setting, a unique handful of Jewish women gathered in the parlor of Mrs. L. Rosenstern, to organize the Hebrew Ladies Aid Society, to extend assistance to travelers and charity to any fellow Jew who might be in distress.  Everyone present became part of the leadership.  Monthly meetings were to be held in the homes of members.  Dues were 25 cents.

And they had just begun.  A year later, they decided it was time to build a synagogue and a Jewish school for their children.  Member Clara Ferrin wrote letters to the Tucson Jewish community asking for funds.  They all got their husbands to solicit money from community leaders.  They organized teas, luncheons and other fundraisers.  After accumulating nearly $5,000.00, on October 3, 1910, Rosh Hashanah eve, the first service was held in the Temple on Stone Avenue, precursor to Temple Emanu-El.

Today, WRJ is the proud organization of the women of Temple Emanu-El,  affiliate of the international Women of Reform Judaism, now over 100,000 women strong.  Our mission here at Temple is to, “Foster friendships among members, nurture spirituality and learning, celebrate Judaism, and provide support to the children of the Kurn Religious School and our congregation.”


WRJ is your sisterhood.  It deserves your support, to multiply in strength, and to enjoy continued success.  We have managed to do a lot for Temple.  But, with your help, there is so much more that we could do.  It takes woman-power.  It takes you!  Join today.  We have a place waiting for you!


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