Rabbi Albert T. Bilgray Memorial Lectureship

Ambassador Rabbi David SapersteinRabbi David Saperstein

February 8-10, 2018 at Temple Emanu-El

Thursday, February 8, 7:00 pm, Lecture: The State of Religious Freedom in the United States and across the Globe, at Temple Emanu-El

Friday, February 9, 5:45 pm, Bilgray Scholar Dinner at Temple Emanu-El - to RSVP for Dinner, sorry registration closed.

Friday, February 9, 7:30 pm, Sermon at Shabbat services: Israel's Three Most Vital Challenges: Peace, Equality, and the Battle for Religious Freedom and Tolerance in Israel, Temple Emanu-El

Saturday, February 10, 12:00 pm, Rabbi's Tish: Economic Justice: Testing the Morality of Our Nation - dairy/vegetarian potluck lunch

Rabbi David Saperstein was selected by Newsweek magazine in 2009 as the most influential rabbi in the country. He represented the Reform Jewish Movement to Congress, the Executive Branch, and to a series of U.S. Presidents as the Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) for forty years. From December 2014 when Rabbi Saperstein was confirmed by the U.S. Senate until January 2017, he was at the U.S. State Department as U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom.

During his four-decade tenure at the helm of the Religious Action Center, Rabbi Saperstein headed several national organizations including the NAACP, People For the American Way, National Religious Partnership on the Environment, and the World Bank's "World Faith Development Dialogue".

In 1999, Rabbi Saperstein was elected as the first Chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, created by a unanimous vote of Congress, and in 2009, he was appointed by President Obama as a member of the first White House Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. In 2004 and 2006, the Wall Street Journal and the Religion News Service respectively described him as among the country's most influential shapers of religious issues in natiomnal elections.

An attorney, Ambassador Rabbi Saperstein teaches seminars in First Amendment Church-State Law and in Jewish Law at Georgetown University Law School.


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