Temple Emanu-El Night at The Loft Cinema: (3233 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716)  Join your friends, old and new, for a special showing of the film "Menashe.”  We’ll attend the 5 pm show on Monday, October 2.  Rabbi Batsheva Appel will lead a 30-minute discussion immediately after the film.  

See the trailer, click here

Like all great films that nudge the world toward being a slightly more compassionate place, the creation of “Menashe” is an act of empathy. Co-writer/director Joshua Z. Weinstein’s film achieves this initially by putting a soulful gaze on a world we rarely see in American film, the Hasidic community of New York City, using non-actors who speak entirely in Yiddish. But the emotional focus is what makes the film so incredibly special: Here is a film dedicated to recognizing our most common obstacles, its quiet storytelling largely accompanied by those feelings at the bottom of anyone’s gut: guilt, shame, defeat. "Menashe" is a gorgeous ode to everyone's inner screw-up.



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