The Bilgray Lectureship Endowment endeavors to augment the resources of the Lectureship so that it can generate sufficient annual income to ensure a continuing program through the years. Permanent memberships are available through a one-time gift of $500 or more. The ectureship also thanks its many friends who contribute lesser sums. The Lectureship is delighted to acknowledge the following Permanent Memberships and Lectureship Committee Members: 


*Estate of Beulah Alfou
Lillian Myerson


*Gertrude and Charles Gordon (Gifts and Estate)
*Gizella and Jack Nevins (Gifts and Estate)
*Evelyn and *Shaol Pozez


*Leo Rich (Gifts and Estate)


Esther and *Richard Capin
*Helen and Zellie Capin
Selma and *Lew Davis
Evo-Ora DeConcini Foundation
Joan and Donald Diamond
Dr. Steve and Ruth Dickstein
Helen and *Herbert Goldman
*Irving Kaplan
*Jean Myerson
Ruthann and *Louis Pozez
Senior Congregants of Temple Emanu-El
*Doris and *Dr. Leonard Weiner


*Margaret Agron
*Leona and David L. Bloom
Felice and Harlan Capin
*Lillian Capin
Friends of *Dr. Max Costin
*Janette and *Dr. Joseph Gerber
Selma Gilbert
Harriet and Milton Herman
*Emma Jacobson
Jessica and *Frank Lazarus
Marjorie Levy
Hilda and *Robert Nathanson
Friends of *Louis Posner
*Mavis and *Dr. Maurice Zee
Edith Arnstein

*In Memoriam

The 5777 Albert T. Bilgray Lectureship Committee

Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon
Rabbi Batsheva Appel
Dr. Richard Brodesky
Anne Friedman
Sharon Geiger
Ruth Rosenstein
Dr. Stephen & Jeannette Shawl
Dr. Richard Solomon
Julie Tronson
Joan Weinberg


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