The Bilgray Lectureship Endowment endeavors to augment the resources of the Lectureship so that it can generate sufficient annual income to ensure a continuing program through the years. Permanent memberships are available through a one-time gift of $500 or more. (Click here to donate.) The Lectureship also thanks its many friends who contribute lesser sums. The Lectureship is delighted to acknowledge the following Permanent Memberships and Lectureship Committee Members: 


*Estate of Beulah Alfou
Lillian Myerson


*Gertrude and Charles Gordon (Gifts and Estate)
*Gizella and Jack Nevins (Gifts and Estate)
*Evelyn and *Shaol Pozez


*Leo Rich (Gifts and Estate)


Esther and *Richard Capin
*Helen and Zellie Capin
Selma and *Lew Davis
Evo-Ora DeConcini Foundation
Joan and Donald Diamond
Dr. Steve and Ruth Dickstein
Helen and *Herbert Goldman
*Irving Kaplan
*Jean Myerson
Ruthann and *Louis Pozez
Senior Congregants of Temple Emanu-El
*Doris and *Dr. Leonard Weiner


*Margaret Agron
*Leona and David L. Bloom
Felice and Harlan Capin
*Lillian Capin
Friends of *Dr. Max Costin
*Janette and *Dr. Joseph Gerber
Selma Gilbert
Harriet and Milton Herman
*Emma Jacobson
Jessica and *Frank Lazarus
Marjorie Levy
Hilda and *Robert Nathanson
Friends of *Louis Posner
*Mavis and *Dr. Maurice Zee
Edith Arnstein

*In Memoriam

The 5778 Albert T. Bilgray Lectureship Committee

Rabbi Batsheva Appel
Dr. Richard Brodesky
Anne Friedman
Sharon Geiger
Ruth Rosenstein
Dr. Stephen & Jeannette Shawl
Julie Tronson
Joan Weinberg


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