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Gratitude Even as We Discard Things

on Sunday, 16 April 2017. Posted in Mussar Mondays

Gratitude - Hakarat HaTov - Mussar Mondays

Old Boot

Marie Kondo has made her name by helping people tidy up. She has a system for removing clutter from our homes that includes the correct ways to sort things, to fold things, to store things. Kondo’s approach is very different from most de-cluttering experts. She suggests that we hold every single item and ask just one question, “Does it spark joy?” If it does spark joy, then we save that item and she tells us how and where to place it in our soon to be de-cluttered home. If the item does not cause us to feel joy when we hold it in our hands, then it needs to be discarded. If any item is hard to discard, then Kondo suggests that we think about its purpose in our lives and let it go with gratitude, going as far as saying “Thank you” to the item.


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