Elul Reflections - Day 12

on Thursday, 30 August 2012. Posted in Elul Reflections

Trusting the Silence

     Holy is the silence; holy is the sound.                    ~ Holly Shere

Silence. Stillness. Absence of sound.

elul 12 moonAt different points in my life, silence has been a painful reality, even scary. That isn't the case today. Today I treasure silence. Sometimes I long for it; I close my eyes and for a moment, I can feel silence deep within my soul.

Only in the silence, can I come to understand the essence of what is going on around me. There are days when I seek the silence of solitude or crave the company of those that don't need to fill space with noise. Mostly I am ok being where I am while those around me do what feels right to them.

In the silence, I better notice the beauty that surrounds me: the moon, many of the earth's creatures, the feel of the wind, the sensation of the sand on my feet. In silence, I see so much more than I see when there is a lot of noise.

Today silence has been transformed. My entire body has learned to treasure the quiet. Only in the silence, can I come to understand the noise. When I drum, I have learned that the beat is as important as the rests in between the notes. The power is knowing when to trust the silence and when to trust the sound.

Holiness happens when both silence and sound can be trusted.

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