Elul Reflections - Day 15

on Sunday, 02 September 2012. Posted in Elul Reflections

Reaching Out

Each and every day, I am touched by the people in my life. I am blessed with friends that touch are an integral part of my life even though they live all over the United States and Canada, some even live on other continents.

Daily reality, however, is a little more daunting. While I have friends all over the globe, today I am developing new friendships in my new city. I sometimes wonder if they will be there when challenging times hit; the good news is that I am hopeful.

elul 15 imagesWhat I have learned in the past few weeks is how important it is for me to feel that people care. And in the last two days that was reinforced. Three new friends opened doors for me to enter. One just texted me to say 'Shabbat Shalom', one asked me to join her and her family for an evening out, and another suffered through hiking with me. (I didn't handle the altitudes well or maybe I was just out of shape.:)) The bottom-line is that people have been reaching out.

I love that people are so giving; now it is time for me to give back not only to my new friends, but to the friends I leave far away. Life is profoundly busy and I haven't been as present as I should. Sometimes I wonder how anyone could call me a friend.

In response to having people reach out to me I decided to do the same for others. Today, I reached out to two friends; I called them and both connections filled me with joy. They also seemed to be thrilled. Reaching out is a short term investment with lasting effects.

As for me, I am feeling really grateful to those that are starting to include me in their lives.

Connections can only happen if we remember to reach out.

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