Elul Reflections - Day 16

on Monday, 03 September 2012. Posted in Elul Reflections

Hang with People that Nurture

Good relationships are a gift. Without them our lives are challenging and we are not nearly as happy as we can be. To me that means that we should surround ourselves with people that nurture our souls.

With that in mind, I have been considering what it means to hang with people that nurture our souls. For each of us that could mean something different. For me, it means, I want to be with people that make me think and allow me to be who I am.

I am someone who is affectionate, playful, and incredibly intense. I love to laugh out loud and I cry when I see beauty or hear about someone's pain. I move to most music and my fingers drum when a song touches me. I notice nearly everything, but I have learned to be silent because I am sometimes concerned that what I want to share might not be less than appropriate.

The people that nurture my soul need to know these things and they need to walk gently when they want me to share my stories or my thoughts. I am an introvert at heart who can schmooze with nearly everyone I meet. Someone who nurtures my soul will know all of these things and help me be the best that I can be as they let me do the same for them.

Timing makes a difference; a good friend isn't there all the time, nor is a lover, or a child. No one can be all things for all people. Having people in your lives means accepting that each of us give differently at different times. Honoring each of our realities goes a long way in maintaining relationships that potentially nurture one another's soul.

May we all use our power of discernment to build healthy connections.

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