Elul Reflections - Day 2

on Monday, 20 August 2012. Posted in Elul Reflections

Elul gives us the opportunity to reflect and challenge ourselves to change behaviors that don't serve us well. Breaking out of the cages we have created for us can be liberating even with all the hard work involved.

Many of us have moments of existing within the cages we create. The key is not conquering all of the challenges at once. Pick one issue and choose to do the work. For me getting a new dog will is helping me to move more and to stop being bound by my 'To Do' list.elul 2 cage

To quote Rabba Sara Hurwitz, "Historically, the shofar signaled the release of all slaves at the end of the Jubilee year. That sound should make us ask, "What enslaves us? What weighs us down? What baggage do we hold onto?" And then, let it go." (Jewels of Elul This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Once we are honest about what enslaves us then and only then is it possible to grow. With work, we can always grow. We don't need to be bound by our own inner voices; we have the ability to alter the course we are on and stand on more solid ground.

May each of us be blessed to discern the behaviors that keep us locked in an old reality as we embrace our freedom to soar.

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