Returning to the Ultimate:  Ourselves and God

"Great is repentance, for it reaches the Throne of Glory;… for it brings Redemption;…for it lengthens a man’s life." -- Talmud, Yoma

21 Elul 5777 How do you best know God?  Do you feel a close personal relationship?  Or perhaps you take inspiration from natural beauty like a sunset in the desert?  Maybe you see the Divine in people in the ways that communities act together for the benefit of all?  Perhaps you know God best through art?  Or through sport, dance, and movement?  Do you meet God in quiet times, alone away from the world?  Is God most accessible through study and prayer?  You might have your own special way.  Or you might feel the God is closer than your breath and always available.  Today, let’s write or create something to document your preferred modalities.


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