Returning to the Ultimate:  Ourselves and God

"Great is repentance, for it reaches the Throne of Glory;… for it brings Redemption;…for it lengthens a man’s life." -- Talmud, Yoma

25 Elul 5777 The High Holy Days invite us all to take a personal moral assessment and to be accountable for our actions.  If it were possible to take a snapshot of your moral assessment at this time, could you write down or speak aloud what you see in yourself right now?  Some areas you might wish to describe are your relationship to yourself, what value in yourself, and areas where you might change and grow.  Do you see yourself and others differently?  Do you need to make amends to others and most importantly to yourself?   Will you do more for tikkun olam?  If so, what might happen next?  And how are you growing in your relationship with God?


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