Family Shabbat

FamilyShabbat Every Friday evening between September and May   7:30 pm

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Services are led by Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon, Rabbi Batsheva Appel, and/or Cantorial Soloist Marjorie Hochberg in the Rubin Family Sanctuary or the Schlanger Chapel. 


Occasionally, we hold a Shabbat dinner prior to services.  

Upcoming Family Shabbat Dinners:


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Northwest Shabbat Evening

Northwest Shabbat Evening

For 2015: August 28, September 18, October 23, November 13, December 11

For 2016: January 29, February 19, March 18, May 20

6:00 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Service


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If you're in the Northwest, we're bringing Shabbat to you!


Temple Emanu-El invites everyone to join us for fun, festive celebrations of Shabbat at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 7650 N. Paseo Del Norte.  The evening starts at 6:00 pm with a delicious Shabbat dinner of kosher chicken (vegeterian option available upon request), side dishes, and salads.  Then, Rabbi Batsheva Appel and Northwest Cantorial Soloist Lindsey O'Shea lead a festive, joyous Shabbat service at 7:00 pm.  After the service, join friends new and old for desserts and conversation.  Everyone is welcome - bring all your friends.  Please call (520) 327-4501 to RSVP for the dinner by the Wednesday prior (dinner is $12 for Temple members, $14 for non-members, free for kids under 13; there is no fee for coming just to the service). 


Northwest Shabbat is provided by the Ruth F. and Samuel H. Cohen Outreach Program of Temple Emanu-El.

Chardonnay Shabbat

Chardonnay Shabbat

Every Friday evening through the summer,
and some holiday weekends during the year

5:00 pm Pre-oneg Wine & Cheese

5:45 pm Service

The summer sun may be blistering and the monsoon clouds billowing, but at 225 North Country Club Road at 5:00 pm, the air is cool, the mood relaxed, and the Chardonnay chilled. No, it’s not Happy Hour—it’s Chardonnay Shabbat at Temple Emanu-El!


Beginning at 5:00 pm, congregants, visitors and guests meet in the Sy Juster Social Hall to socialize with friends and family and enjoy a cool glass of wine or juice and nosh on a delectable assortment of fruits and cheeses.


At 5:45 pm, Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon, Rabbi Batsheva Appel, and Cantorial Soloist Marjorie Hochberg usher in the Jewish Sabbath with lively, musical and uplifting Kabbalat Shabbat Services. This is the Temple’s Friday evening Shabbat service schedule from June 12th through August 28th, 2015, and for some holiday weekends during the year. 


Join us for our Monsoon Membership Madness Chardonnay Shabbat Kickoff Cookout Friday, July 29th. Click here to learn more. 

Kabbalistic Shabbat

Kabbalistic Shabbat


 7:30 pm

Prepare yourself for the beauty and introspection of our Kabbalistic Shabbat service.

Join us for a 45 minute meditation session preceding the Kabbalistic service.

Mind-focusing contemplation on Hebrew words and letters, guided visualizations inspired by the week's Torah portion,  Kabbalistic candle meditations and soul traits from the Mussar,  are just some of the ways we experience the ancient practice of Jewish meditation.

At "Preparing to Pray", we begin with simple seated stretches to relax our muscles from the day's activities.  We then focus on our breath.  Having "steadied ourselves", we begin the meditation practice of the evening. 


We hope to experience a sense of calmness and focus, and  as we enter services,  to experience a deeper appreciation for prayer. 


Downtown Shabbat

Downtown Shabbat

2016: August 12th

 9:30 pm
Join us for our new Downtown Shabbat Service in the Jewish History Museum on 564 S. Stone Ave. This late night service takes place in Temple Emanu-El's original home and is open and free to all. Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon will be leading the service which will be followed by an Oneg Shabbt. 


Shabbat Rocks!

Shabbat Rocks!

For 2016: October 21, November 11, December 9

For 2017: January 20, February 17, March 24, April 28, May 12

5:30 pm Family Shabbat Dinner

6:30 pm Service


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Shabbat Rocks! Family Services are lively, musical and joyful Shabbat services for the whole family. Led by Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon, Shabbat Rocks! services use the lovely and inspiring Shabbat Reflections prayerbook and feature the Avanim Rock Band, the Temple Emanu-El Youth Choir and one of the Kurn Religious School classes. Shabbat Rocks! Services begin at 6:30 pm, and are preceded by Family Shabbat Dinner at 5:30 pm. There is a charge of $12 for adults (aged 13 and over) for Shabbat dinner. Temple provides a complete Shabbat dinner with kosher chicken and sides. Vegetarian option available upon request.

Tot Kabbalat Shabbat

Tot Kabbalat Shabbat

 For 2016:

July 1 - Red, White, & Blue Shabbat - Hamburger Cookout Dinner
August 5 - Sefer Shabbat with PJ Library - Part of Monsoon Membership Madness
September 2 - Friendship Shabbat
October 7 - Shofar Shabbat
November 4 - Todah Shabbat
December 2 - Hanukkah Shabbat

5:00 pm Service

5:30 pm Dinner

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The most joyful Shabbat of all!  Every first Friday of the month, families with preschool-aged children gather for Tot Kabbalat Shabbat.  Starting at 5:00 pm with a fun, child-centered active Tot Kabbalat Shabbat service with songs, stories, and music. After the service, at 5:30 pm, we will enjoy a complete Shabbat dinner with kosher chicken and sides. Vegetarian option available upon request. We light candles, recite the blessing for kiddush, join in hamotzi over delicious challah, and relax from the week in the company of our friends.  The dinner is $10 for adults, free for kids under 13.  Please call (520) 327-4501 to sign up, or use the form above.

After dinner, we go to the Strauss ECE playground for oneg and playtime.  Families are invited to sponsor the oneg in honor of a child's birthday or other special occasion. 

Simply Shabbat

Simply Shabbat

For 2015: September 18

For 2016: January 8, March 25

 7:30 pm

Simply Shabbat is an exploration of the Friday evening Shabbat Service, with explanations of the service and introductions to Shabbat songs and prayers in a slower-paced, non-threatening celebration of the Sabbath.  Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon, Rabbi Batsheva Appel, and Cantorial Soloist Marjorie Hochberg lead this open approach to understanding the rituals, history and practice of a Reform Sabbath experience.  Instead of a sermon, there is a question-and-answer session.  Come find out what Shabbat is all about!  All are welcome.

Simply Shabbat is provided by the Ruth F. and Samuel H. Cohen Outreach Program of Temple Emanu-El.